2018 ISHPSSB Off-year Call for Papers

Regeneration Across Complex Living Systems: From Regenerating Microbiomes to Ecosystems Resiliency

When: ​October 22 & 23, 2018
Where: ​Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
Submission Due Date: ​11:59pm EST​ ​July 15th, 2018

General Information

This ISHPSSB off-year workshop will focus on understanding the phenomenon of regeneration across complex living systems, asking the question of how regeneration has been understood, defined, and utilized in scientific research at different scales of living systems, both now and in the past. The workshop will begin with the premise that all complex living systems maintain some capacity to repair and to maintain themselves in the face of events that cause disturbances or damage. For example, microbial communities can regenerate to achieve the same function even as species composition changes, spinal neurons in a lamprey can regenerate function even though their cellular wiring changes, and ecosystems can maintain a level of resiliency in the face of changing conditions. In all instances, while these biological systems undergo stress and damage, their parts can coordinate responses to provide repair. But do we mean the same thing by regeneration in each case? How do regenerating parts “know” how to cooperate to make the individuals and systems healthy and whole again? How does an understanding of one level inform the others? What does regeneration, particularly across levels, mean for conceptions of individuality?

Over the course of two days, participants in the workshop will explore the historical, philosophical, and scientific foundations of regeneration across living systems. The organizers welcome papers that address any aspect of regeneration at any level of living systems. Please contact Kate MacCord (​kmaccord@mbl.edu​) with any questions about the workshop.

Pre-Registration (​for those who wish to submit an abstract and/or request travel support​) For those who wish to give a presentation and/or would like to request travel support, please fill out the pre-registration link ​available here​. Funding requests and/or presentation abstracts received after 11:59pm EST on July 15, 2018, will not receive priority. Presenters whose abstracts are accepted will receive access to full travel funding. Travel support for those not presenting will be available on an as-needed basis, but funding is limited. The amount of travel support provided to each participant will depend on the number of requests.


A full registration will open on August 1, 2018, after speakers have been selected and those receiving travel support have been notified. More information on the link will be sent after the close of pre-registration.