AAHPSSS Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact AAHPSSS?

Contact details and membership of the AAHPSSS executive committee are listed on the contacts page.

What is the relationship between Metascience and AAHPSSS?

Metascience is an Australasian science studies review journal which was published by AAHPSSS until 1998; it is now published independently, but maintains strong links with AAHPSSS.

Subscription to Metascience was once, but is no longer, formally linked to membership of AAHPSSS, except that members of AAHPSSS are entitled to a discounted Metascience subscription rate.

The procedure for becoming a member is not what I remember. Has it been changed?

The membership rules were changed in 2001, following a decision made by the 2000 AGM, the details of which were ratified by an email ballot in March 2001.

aahpsss_platypusWhat is the platypus image on the AAHPSSS web pages?

The AAHPSSS web mascot is a platypus from George Bennett's 1835 Notes on the natural history and habits of the ornithorhynchus paradoxus. It is one of the earliest naturalistic representations of a platypus, earlier ones in Bewick's book having obviously been drawn from dead specimens. Here is the full engraving.

Any more questions?