Updates to website

We have managed to update the website in the following ways, which we hope will make it much more useful to members:

  1. The site is now secure, which means no information will be intercepted when you log on, or purchase membership, etc.
  2. The forums are now working; you can have public or private discussions.
  3. The AAHPSSS.org domain now appears in the address bar when you access the site from that URL.
  4. Members may now add events, and edit them later, from the submission page under the Events menu.
  5. RSS subscription has been added (see the footer).
  6. You can download all or some of the events listing to your calendar via an iCal file.
  7. The header image now randomly changes. If you have any images you would like to see in the header, let the webmaster know. They need to be at least 2000px wide and 1200px high. We will need copyright information as source details for our informative slider on the Platypus and Header Images page.

As always, suggestions are welcomed!