[Ecopolitics] Special issue on ‘fracking’ social science

Dear Energy and Social Science researchers,

I am pleased to announce a special issue of The Extractive Industries and
Society (cite score: 2.20; top 10 percentile journal in 'development' and
'geography, planning and development') that I will be guest editing on
'Social aspects of unconventional hydrocarbon development globally'.  I
have attached the call for papers here.  [For the attachment, please
e-mail: <b.sovacool@sussex.ac.uk>.

I am seeking submissions that explore public perceptions and/or social
impacts across countries exposed to, or with extensive discourse on,
unconventional hydrocarbon development (e.g., shale gas, shale oil,
oil/tar sands, gas from tight sands, coal bed methane).  I am also
interested in submissions that reflect research in areas with little to no
published peer-reviewed work to date on public perceptions and/or social
impacts of unconventional hydrocarbon development - particularly from
Argentina, Mexico, Latin America, China, and North Africa (although any
region beyond the following eight nations is welcome: United States,
Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, France, Australia, and South

Abstracts are required for confirmation of the suitability to the Special
Issue; these are due mid-October.  Please send any queries to

Milton Takei