2023 Conference

The program for the biennial AAHPSSS conference, held Wednesday 29 Nov to Friday 1 December 2023, at the University of Sydney can be downloaded here.

Part of the Congress of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS).

Congress of the Humanities, Arts and Social Science

The Dyason lecture - Wed 29 November
Fifty Years of Philosophy of Biology: Where are we now?

The 2023 Dyason lecture will be presented during the AAHPSSS conference by Dr Rachael Brown, Director of Centre for Philosophy of the Sciences.

Further details about the AAHPSSS program can be found at the following link.

Langham Bursaries

Members of AAHPSSS who are participating in the 2023 AAHPSSS conference and who need travel support may apply for an Ian Langham Bursary. Applications should include a brief statement of need for the bursary, including a description of any alternative sources of funding that may be available to the applicant, and a quote from a travel agent to indicate expected travel costs. Applications will not be accepted from non-members, from members in the Greater Sydney area, or from members in secure employment.

The Langham Bursary covers travel costs only. It does not cover the costs of accommodation, meals or incidentals. The Bursary is paid as a reimbursement subsequent to the conference, upon provision of relevant receipts and bank account details, and will be made as expeditiously as possible upon provision of these.

The total funding for each application is capped at $800 and the number of bursaries provided is limited. Assessments will be made on the basis of how well the applicant's research engages with the purposes of AAHPSSS and the demonstrated need.

Applications for the Ian Langham Bursary close on Friday 27 October 2023, and should be addressed to the Secretary, Martin Bush martin.bush@unimelb.edu.au.

Langham Prize

Postgraduate students may have their papers considered for the Langham Prize for the best paper by a graduate student. Presentations must be a single paper and may be presented as a stand-alone paper or part of an organised session. Panel discussions, workshops and co-presentations will not usually be considered. Details about how to apply will be posted soon.


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For reasons of equity, access and environmental footprint, AAHPSSS makes online access to the conference as available as possible. If you require online-only access, please let us know.

Details about past conferences can be found on this page.