2012 Program

AAHPSSS PG Workshop: Friday 28th September, 2012; New Law School Annexe, University of Sydney

Stream 1: Room SR342
Stream 2: Room SR344

Adam Hochman (Sydney): On the Non-Existence of Human Races, Again

Ross Barham (Melbourne): The Metaphilosophy of Science


Pierrick Bourrat (Sydney): The role of heredity and reproduction in evolution by natural selection

James McElvenny (Sydney): International Language and the Everyday: contact and collaboration between C.K. Ogden, Rudolf Carnap and Otto Neurath.


Isabel Ronai (Sydney): The Multifaceted Concept of the Gene: A Conceptual Analysis of an ‘Epistemic Object’

Kirsten Walsh (Otago) Hypotheses and Newton’s Principia

Coffee Break

Jacob Pearce (Melbourne): (Re)Interpreting redshifts: How the fusion of two traditions transformed the conceptual space of modern cosmology

Mark Winstanley (Melbourne): Ancient Greece: Miracle or Psychological Commonplace?


Sophie Ritson (Sydney): The String Theory Debates: Rhetoric and Ideology in Fundamental Physics

Megan Baumhammer (Sydney): Through Optic Glass: Imagination and Authority from Sidereus Nuncius to Paradise Lost

Ian Lawson (Sydney): Learning Optics from a Flea: Hooke's knowledge of light as a response to his employment

Jenny Tomlinson (Sydney): The Virtue of Vice


Michael Kirchhoff (Macquarie): Causation and Constitution in Cognition

AAHPSSS 2012 Conference [PDF]