2023 Conference program

The following events will be held as part of the AAHPSSS conference.

Dyason lecture: Dr Rachael Brown, Director of Centre for Philosophy of the Sciences

Title and abstract to come.

Plenary: Professor Jane Calvert, University of Edinburgh

A Place for Science and Technology Studies

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In its early days, the scientific laboratory was the preferred site for research in science and technology studies (STS). But things have changed. In my social scientific investigation of synthetic biology over the last 15 years I have spent time in large anonymous conference rooms, classrooms in need of a coat of paint, esoteric studios for artistic research, glass-walled government meeting rooms, artisan coffee houses, and high-ceilinged libraries. This has led me to the question: where does STS belong? In this talk, I journey through these different rooms, exploring the possibilities and limitations of each, and the opportunities they provide for observation, intervention, and collaboration with scientists and engineers. I end by asking whether there is a place for STS, whether STS has to create new spaces, or whether it is fated to be forever itinerant.

Jane is a Professor of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Her research is on the social studies of the life sciences, particularly synthetic biology. She works in close collaboration with scientists, engineers, policy makers, artists and designers

Plenary: Natalie Koehle, University of Sydney

Title and abstract to come.

Scientists in Conversation with Science Studies

This session will place research scientists in dialogue with scholars of science on a range of contemporary issues to explore the connections and influences between them.

The Future of HPS in Australia

A panel discussion on the future of History and Philosophy of Science, and science studies more broadly, in Australia, including the Heads of HPS at the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne and other leading science scholars.

Postgraduate workshop

AAHPSSS will host a workshop event for postgraduate students working in HPS fields, with topics including networking and grant-writing.

Submitted papers and sessions

Submissions have been reviewed and accepted authors notified. A draft program for submitted papers will be provided when available.

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