Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science provides a distinctive publication forum where scholars working in the history, philosophy and social studies of science can present their work to the international academic community. General issues are addressed with a consciously international orientation.

Series Editor
Stephen Gaukroger

Advisory Board:
Rachel Ankeny, University of Adelaide
Peter Anstey, University of Sydney, Sydney
Steven French, University of Leeds
Ofer Gal, University of Sydney
Clemency Montelle, University of Canterbury
Nicholas Rasmussen, University of New South Wales
John Schuster, University of Sydney/Campion College
Koen Vermeir, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris
Richard Yeo, Griffith University

Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science continues the series Australasian Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science, founded by Rod Home in 1982. As well as the name change, restrictions on non-Australasian content have been lifted, and the editorial board is now international, although it is envisaged that the majority of the board, and the general editor, will be academics based in Australasia. There be an increased focus on monographs, and there are efforts in place to try to make sure that the distribution of volumes in the series is improved.

The editorial board invites authors and editors of collections to submit manuscripts and proposals for this series.

4 Replies to “Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science”

  1. You are not up to date on volumes in this series. Check with Gaukroger or Springer site

    Also, Schuster is now at HPS Unit Sydney as well as Campion College, Sydney; therefore kindly delete any affiliation to UNSW in respect to him.

  2. You have entirely the wrong entity. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (Springer) does derive from Reidel’s original Australasian Studies in HPS. Now, if you get any recent book in that series–please check all this mess with Stephen Gaukroger– you will find he is the general editor, and also on the board are: Ankeny, Anstey, Steven French, Koen Vermeir, Ofer Gal, me, and Richard Yeo. This series is not the one whose editorial board and web site you list above.

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