A Special Issue on HPS–&–Education

A Special Issue on HPS–&–Education

by Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC | IUHPST/DLMPST & DHST)  http://dlmpst.org

  • Title: Methods and Cognitive Modelling in the History and Philosophy of Science–&–Education
  • Special Issue: Guest Editor, Raffaele Pisano, Lille University, France / President IDTC
  • Journal: Transversal - International Journal for the Historiography of Science (www.historiographyofscience.org)
  • Email/Info: raffaele.pisano@univ-lille3.fr


  • History/philosophy of science & Teaching sciences;
  • Teaching Sciences/Pedagogies;
  • Nature of Sciences;
  • Historiography of sciences;
  • History/philosophy/epistemology of sciences, historical epistemology of science (physics, mathematics/geometry, engineering/architecture, chemistry, logic);
  • Historical epistemology of science;
  • Foundations of science.


  • Rationale, mainly: based on IDTC policy (i.e., please see Lille summer schools 2015, 2017 and IDTC website), we are expecting to receive submissions related to reflections on methods and modelling in teaching sciences, theoretical and practices. The historiographical, historical, philosophical analyses standpoint are very encouraged and welcomes. This special issue is strictly connected to IDTC, but everyone is wellcome. We thank very much Transversal's editors for the opportunity.
  • Foreword: a distinguished scholar on the subject
  • Editing: Author Guidelines in www.historiographyofscience.org
  • Language: English
  • Issue: December 2018
  • Fees: No
  • Criteria: all submitted papers, which meet the criteria of originality and quality, will be peer–reviewed for the publication. The papers are expected to be revised (in the contents, editing and English) prior to submission to this Transversal Special Issue.
  • The papers not adequately written according to Transversal guidelines, even if its abstract-proposal was regularly accepted, then they can be finally rejected by editors.

DEADLINES (please send abstract and then paper to: raffaele.pisano@univ-lille3.fr)

  • Abstract–proposal: (in English) peer-reviewed proposal submission: December 31st, 2017 [Two pages, free editing: Title, Name, Affiliation, Email, Keywords + references list, all within two pages maximum].
  • Acceptance/rejected: blind peer-reviewed abstract–proposal: January 25th, 2018
  • Full peer-reviewed paper submission: July 1st, 2018
  • Notification/blind peer-reviewed papers: July 30th, 2018
  • Final and definitive acceptance:  post blind peer-reviewed papers, strictly prepared according to the journal guidelines, September 30th, 2018
  • Publication: expected December 2018

Email/Info: raffaele.pisano@univ-lille3.fr

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