Call for papers – Life, Science and Power in History (due: 30 Sept 2017)

Call for papers for a special issue of the EASTS Journal

Deadline for submissions: September 30, 2017

In the twenty-first century, East Asian societies encounter diverse predicaments in terms of modern science, technologies, and medicine.  Since the late twentieth century, organ transplantation, genome research and euthanasia have been argued widely in the politics, society, and culture of countries in East Asia.  The research environment around science and technology became more competitive, which sometime caused manipulation of, or fabrication of, experimental results.  In 2011 Japan experienced a series of breakdown of nuclear power plants in Fukushima, in which extensive parts of east Japan struggle with radioactive contamination.  All these situations urge us to reconsider our belief in, and ethics of, life, science and power.  It is certainly necessary that science and technology studies and medical humanities consider this topic.

This special issue “Life, Science and Power in History and Philosophy” is to re-construct, extend, and develop the humanities perspectives to understand medicine in East Asia.  In so doing, it promotes further development of interdisciplinary studies of science, technology and medicine from the viewpoints of humanities.  Papers will examine modern medicine in East Asia from for perspectives, namely, 1) philosophical dimensions, 2) cultural dimensions, 3) social dimensions, 4) epistemological dimensions.

Among the questions that papers might explore are:

  • What, if any, are the unique features related to the issue of “life, science and power” in East Asia?
  • Are recent incidents related to the issue of “life, science and power” in East Asia?
  • How has the political, economic, social, philosophical and cultural environment in East Asia contributed to the issue of “life, science and power” in this region?
  • How have we thought of biopolitics and biopower oriented by Michel Foucault in East Asia?
  • How have the scientific community, research institutes, and the state responded to the issue of “life, science and power” in East Asia?

We welcome papers from a range of disciplines, including STS, sociology, history, and anthropology.

Papers should be between 8,000 and 12,000 words including reference and other text, clearly addressing the theme and focus of the subject issue. Please submit your paper to both of the following e-mails: and Please indicate in the email title that your submission is for the Life, Science and Power in History special issue.

For inquiries concerning the themes of this issue, please contact Dr. Akinobu Takabayashi For other editorial inquiries, please contact Ms. Yen Ke at

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