HPS&ST Note June 2017

The June HPS&ST Note is on the web at:

  • Introduction
  • 2017 IHPST Biennial Conference, Ankara July 4-7, 2017
  • Education Papers at the Division of the History of Science & Technology (DHST) 25th International Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 23 to 29 July 2017
  • British Society for the History of Science, Annual Conference, July 6-9, 2017
  • epiSTEME 7: Seventh international conference to review research on Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, 5-8 January 2018
  • British Journal for History of Science, Book Reviews
  • LSE Lakatos Awards
  • Translations of HPS and Science Teaching Book
  • Opinion Page: What’s Wrong with HPS and What Needs be Done to Put It Right? (Nicholas Maxwell)
  • Recent HPS&ST Research Articles
  • Recent HPS&ST Related Books
  • Coming HPS&ST Related Conferences